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Comprehensive Hotel Services & Revenue Management Solutions that connect all hotel resources, departments, workflows, operations, sales and financial accounting
Cloud Hotel ERP is complete Hotel Enterprise Resources Planning software basically for managing entire Hotel operations, sales, services, revenue, workflows and administrations. HotelPro is a web-based solution for all kinds hotel and hospitality services. Manage rooms and apartments, booking and reservations, guest accounts, billing & invoicing, check-in and check-out, front office operations, restaurant, point of sales, housekeeping, inventory, staff management, payroll, facilities, projects and tasks,  contacts and communication and much more.

 Unlimited Guests Account
 Unlimited Users
 Unlimited Rooms/Apartments
 Booking & Reservations Management
 Check In / Check Out Management
 Bar, Kitchen, Restaurant & Housekeeping
 Point of Sales & Inventory Management
 Services Billing & Invoicing
 Integrated Financial Accounting
 Human Resources Management
 Facilities & Projects Management
 Contacts and Communiation
 Easy to use
 Dedicated server
 Secure data storage
 Data backup
 24/7 support
Features of Cloud Hotel ERP
Comprehensive, effective, affordable and easy-to-use Cloud Hotel Enterprise Resources Planning Software
with all the functionalities and modules you need to ease  all management operations
Front Office Operations   Room Services Management   Booking & Reservations
With an intuitive dashboard, the front office operation can easily view all booking and reservation, see vacant rooms at a glacne and manage other services   Ability to manage all availabke rooms/aparatments, set different rates types and view rate table.   Manage all booking/reservations and instantly book or reserve rooms for guest at point of requests.
Guests Accounts Management   House Keeping Management   Check In / Check Out
Manage guests information and ability to add new guest. View guest history, guest statement and other communications.   Manage all room maintenance like cleaning, washing, etc. Schedule and assign task to staff and update status of rooms and actions. House keeper can also block room due to maintenance   Automated check-in and check-out system. Also comes with checks dashboard to instantly view who check-in or check-out at any point in time.
Restaurant & Bar Services   Point of Sales   Services Billing
Simplifeid restaurant and bar operation by managing facilities with ability to perform point of sales transaction in any of the locations. Manage menu, stock and monitor facilities   Sale products and services and control inventory. Generate invoice, collect payment and issue receipt to customers   Setup all hotel billable services and perform billing operation across all departments. Create and send invoices to account for payment processing.
Kitchen Services Management   Integrated Financial Accounting   Human Resources Management
Manage all kitchen activities including kitchen inventory and stock transfer. Also perform kitchen billing and payment collections.   Fully integrated accounting functionalities include sales and expensitures. Support cash or accrual accounting as well as basic balance sheet, general ledgers and invoices.   Sophisticated employee database for human resource management. Manage employe records, leave, attendance, promotion, transfer, travel, expenses and much more.
Payroll Management   Facilities & Facilities Management   Financial & Management Report
Handle all aspects of payroll processing. Automated to support complex statutory deductions. Employee self-service module offers a comprehensive solution that considers leaves, loans, advances, overtime, incentives, bonus, etc.   Manages assets and facilities. Add projects, assign vendor, and manage task and maintenance.
Control budget, spent and view pending tasks.
  Get the report you seek at a click. Sales report, expenses report, stock report, arrival and departure, reservations, maintenance report, bank report, etc.
Stores Management   SMS and Email Communication   Systsem Administration
Manage stock items and inventory, stock in, stock out, inventory adjustment, stock movement and generate stock reports.   Ability to send sms and email notification at some points. Some notifications are automated like transaction, reminders, etc.
  System adminitrator will be able to manage users and assign roles to restrict user access to the modules they need to work.
Affordable & flexible plan for everyone
Save time and money without compromising the quality of your services.
We are
offering flexible and affordable pricing for everyone. No hidden cost and you will have full access to all functionalities and modules. See pricing below for different plans or contact our sales team to know actual/exact pricing for your real estate portfolios.
      Professional Enterprise
   Unlimited Guests Accounts
   Unlimited  Invoicing
   Rooms/Apartments Management
   Arrival & Departure Management  
   Product Inventory Management
   Retail Point of Sales
   Service Billing
   Integrated Financial  Accounting
   Facilities & Projects Management
   Human Resources & Payroll
   Store Management
   Online Payment Integration
   SMS/Email Communication
   Management Reports
   Financial Reports
   Managed Branches 1 Up to 5 branches
   Users Accounts Up to 5 Users Unlimited
   Dedicated Domain
   Dedicated Database
  Technical Support
   Online Access
   Data Backup
Key Benefits CloudHotel ERP
Cloud Hotel ERP enable hotel operations in one plce, reduce hotel resources administrative time, ensure management accountability, save management time by centratizing information. It ensue effective service billing and payment capturing.

Cloud Hotel ensures efficient communication across department, customers and guest. It enabled performance measurement and staff productivity. With financial and management reports, Cloud Hotel provides realtime report for managers and administrator to gain insight  on sales income, resources usage and availabilty, and instance decision making.
A centralized system
This ensures accessible management information and sharing of data across all department and users, elimitate duplication and enhance transparency.
 Improves effectiveness of operations
CloudHotel improve the effectiveness of service delivery to customers, guests, and hotel staff.
Services billing made easy
Invoicing for services is decentralized as every users have access to the system cross multiple locations. This save time and reduce loss as result of bill skipping
Keeping track.
All operational and management activities can be track online and realtime. With intutitive dashboards one can easy glance through key figures to make instant decision and know status of things.
Improved workflow efficiency
Flow of transactional data from one desk to another is achieved. All hotel operational workflow is already automated.
Improved communication
Managers can get information  needed anywhere they are without holding down user at the front desk or in diffeerent location.
Why CloudHotel?
There are so many reasons why CloudHotel is the right solution for your hotel management business.
Below are list of some key reasons you should be using CloudHotel.
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